Born in Olomouc September, 30th 1955 in Olomouc (Czech Republic)


Academic painter and restorer Miroslava Trizuljaková lives and works in Senička, in Czech Republic (Region of Olomouc). Since 1991, she is a member of the Union of Visual Artists of Olomouc. After having finished successfully her artistic studies (1981) Miroslava Trizuljaková started to build up her professional work on conservation of ancient paintings and frescoes and she took part of a renovation of significant historic monuments, situated mainly in Central Moravia. Miroslava Trizuljaková also develops her own artistic activities in painting, individual and collective exhibitions, organization of cultural projects and realization of artistic decorations, especially in architecture of private areas, in cooperation with her husband Marek Trizuljak. Miroslava Trizuljaková participated in organization of several international artistic projects, like “We build Bridges” (International exhibition, Rimini, 1995), "Rimini - Light and Colour" (Rimini, 2002), „The city like a place for a human being“  (www.mistoprocloveka.cz)   with exhibitions in Olomouc, Brno, Prague (2004 - 2006) and international Congresses in Brno (2004) and Rimini (2006). Miroslava Trizuljaková participated in “Šternberk International Painting Session” (1993, Šternberk, CZ) and in the “International Artistic Symposium of Monastery Teplá” (2004, Teplá u Mariánských Lázní, CZ). Among most important conservatory works we can advise, for example, the conservation of medieval frescoes and wall paintings in the chapel of St. John Baptist in the Přemyslovský Palace in Olomouc, the conservation of post gothic murals in the parish church of Immaculate Conceptio in Olomouc, the carved and polychrome iconostas in the wooden church of Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem, or the conservation of medieval murals and wall decorations in an early gothic sanctuary of the parish church in Vyšehorky (nearby Mohelnice, Region of Olomouc). Miroslava Trizuljaková works currently on discovering and conservation of a large complex of gothic figurative wall paintings in the parish church of Mostkovice (Region of Olomouc).

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Professional artistic studies:

1971-1975  -  Secondary school of Applied Arts, Uherské Hradiště, studio of Applied Graphic, Professor František Nikl.

1975-1981 - Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, specialization of Artistic Conservation and Restoration, Professor Raimund Ondráček.



Individual exhibitions and participation in author’s presentation projects:


Participation in collective exhibitions (selection):


International Symposiums and participation in organization of international artistic projects:



Artistic decorations in architecture:























Post gothic mural in the parish church of Immaculate Conceptio, Olomouc.

(Renovation was effectuated in collaboration with F. Sysel, J. Čoban and O. Jeřábková)



Conservation and restoration works (selection from most important realizations):



Address:  Senička 16,   78345 Senice na Hané,   Phone: 00420 585947023,   email:  mtrizuljak@volny.cz








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